AFL MRO: Hawks star’s big fine, teammate’s ‘groin’ strike among three charges

The Match Review Officer has handed down three charges from Saturday’s action.

The AFL’s Match Review Officer has charged Hawthorn midfielder Kai Newcombe with rough conduct, and he might face a sizable punishment.

The incident involving GWS’s Jesse Hogan in the second quarter of Saturday’s loss in Tasmania is what prompted the complaint against Newcombe.

Since this is Newcombe’s third accusation of harsh behaviour, his financial punishment has doubled because of his past behaviour.

If Newcombe decides to contest the accusation and is not successful, he will have to pay a $10,000 fine. Alternatively, he can accept an early plea and pay a $6,250 fine.

The aforementioned occurrence was rated as minimal impact, purposeful behaviour, and physical contact with Hogan.

Not only did the MRO punish Newcombe, but they also fined forward Jack Ginnivan for hitting GWS defender Connor Idun during Saturday’s play.

Due to his early plea and the incident’s grade of careless conduct, minimal impact, and groyne touch, Ginnivan will get a $2,500 fine.

A $3,750 punishment will be imposed in the event that the challenge is not successful.

Elliott Yeo of the West Coast has been charged for hitting Jackson Archer of North Melbourne at Optus Stadium.

The Eagles midfielder has been issued a “fixed financial sanction,” meaning that he can contest the penalty and risk paying a $1,875 fine instead of accepting a $1,250 fine.


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