Fans Mourn Tragedy as Collingwood Legend dies from car accident…

Hidden notepad sheds light on former Aussie Rules star Darren Millane 30  years after his tragic death : r/AFL

It’s one of Collingwood’s most cherished moments: Darren Millane tossing the ball in celebration at the 1990 Grand Final’s end, signaling the long-awaited return of the Premiership flag to Victoria Park. Yet, a year later, this same image became deeply poignant, evoking tears from anyone who saw it.

Darren Millane’s sudden death in a car crash on October 7, 1991, stunned Collingwood to the core. The broader football community was equally devastated, not just for losing a stellar player and loyal club figure, but because his passing shattered the illusion of our heroes as invincible. Millane, who seemed destined for enduring greatness like the 1990 Premiership image, was gone at just 26.

He was more than just a footballer; Darren Millane belonged to a rare breed whose influence transcended mere statistics. His play lifted teams not only with his skills but also with his sheer tenacity. Whether he was breaking tackles to score goals, clearing paths through packs for teammates, or plucking marks from opponents’ hands, his style was a blend of artistry and power that defined him uniquely.

Peter Daicos, in his autobiography, noted Millane’s genuine toughness and his ability to uplift Collingwood in dire moments. Others, like Gavin Brown and Denis Banks, considered him among the League’s best around 1990.

Darren Millane’s journey to Collingwood was almost missed; several AFL clubs had the chance to recruit him earlier, but circumstances led him elsewhere until fate brought him to Victoria Park. His impact on the game was undeniable, characterized by his athleticism, strength, and a fierce competitiveness that made him a formidable opponent in any position on the field.

Off the field, Millane’s outgoing personality and his commitment to Collingwood endeared him to fans and teammates alike. Despite occasional off-field incidents, he dedicated himself tirelessly to the club’s promotions and community work, earning accolades for his service.


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